aiMPULSA in action: Configured the first working group dedicated to fostering intra-innovation

15/07/2022by aiMPULSA

aiMPULSA – Artificial intelligence Ecosystem. Working to promote Granada as an adequate ecosystem for the Ai companies’ development. 

For those who wonder what an ecosystem is for…? This initiative represents what it is about and how the shaping of an innovation ecosystem benefits the associated entities (companies and institutions). In this case, the initiative arises from the concern of one of the participating companies, Unit4, which, immersed in a process of internal reconfiguration, considers the importance of encouraging intra-innovation, which results in greater competitiveness for the company.

This element, key for Unit4, is also an important aspect that other companies and entities in our environment are actively considering. T-Systems, Cívica Software, Iavante among others, all want to share the following outcomes.

On July 1, the working group had its first meeting, although not if this exercise will continue. It will only take place if the members of the group decide that the conversations and work add value.

And it certainly does. After the first session in which each company and entity shared the practices implemented within their organizations, what has worked and also what has failed, we unanimously decided that this group has already begun to add value, with the simple act of sharing

Thus, we propose a series of specific challenges related to innovation, to work on in the future:

Corporate organization: How do we make innovation compatible with day-to-day life, and align it with the strategy of each company or institution? How do the entities balance the resources dedicated to innovation and how is it reflected in the organizational structure?

Developing of ideas towards results: Do we understand how innovation arises in informal settings and how do we channel it? How can we socialize individual knowledge? How do we make the selection of the ideas to implement, from the directors to lower levels, or better to let each idea looks for support?

Innovative culture: Coffee is not for everyone, how do we adapt the measures to different types of people with different attitudes towards innovation, and with the resistance to change inherent in organizations? And remote working, how do we address the challenge of keeping innovation with remote teams?

Moreover, other areas of reflection have emerged beyond intra-innovation that will require additional spaces for discussion.

Until here we can tell! However, we are open to new participants who wish to share this space for reflection and learning within aiMPULSA . If you are one of them, contact us through: